Understanding The Complexities & Your Projects Requirements.....

…..is our #1 goal! Commercial tile removal can be very different from residential projects. Often the work environment is much larger than your average home and requires specialised machinery to complete the job. It’s also necessary to have multiple redundancy options in place ready to go in the event of an issue.

There may be requirements that need to be approved by multiple invested parties, deadlines that must be met otherwise many businesses start losing money plus a host of other unique commercial project situations. 

At A1 Complete Tile Removal we understand this and we are all to aware that what we do is usually the first of many steps in your project, so our focus is to ensure it gets off to a good start.

Custom Transporters & Latest Tech Machinery....

Because your commercial project demands the best! A1 has invested heavily in the latest high end machinery specifically designed for commercial projects so we can provide you with a great professional result.

Our competitors might think its okay to use machinery designed for residential applications due to the extreme cost associated with the top end commercial machines.

We don’t agree! It’s the equivalent of trying to maintain Flagstaff Gardens with a couple of Victa push lawn mowers.

It will take far too long, create delays, machinery will break and in no time your entire project is off track and behind schedule.

Our custom built transport trucks and the latest state of the art machines including robotic automated systems ensure we can get the job done quickly whilst maintaining a high standard of workmanship that will leave you happy and ready for the next stage in your project. 

Here’s some of the many commercial projects we’ve undertaken across Victoria

Commercial organisations we have worked with directly and /or indirectly across Victoria on numerous projects.